About Us

Polar Marine Service BV was founded in 2021 in Antwerp as a supply and service company for marine communication and navigation equipment. It acts as a system integrator for its parent company Ramar Marine A.S., which is part of the POLAR group, and takes pride in providing quality solutions for the European market. 

Today POLAR group employs more than 90 people, offering fast and reliable service through a world-wide network of subsidiaries and branches along the international shipping routes. 

Our History

Established in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey, POLAR Group originated as Polar Marine A.S., with a mission to supply and service shipborne navigation and communication electronic equipment for the shipping, fishing, and yacht building industries. Over the years, Polar Denizcilik emerged as a leader in marine electronics within the Turkish maritime sector.

In 1990, POLAR Group improved its capabilities with the establishment of a second company, Ramar Marine A.S., leveraging expertise in supply and logistics to create a freezone center of trade. This effective knowledge transfer paved the way towards efficient operations in a well-organized work environment.

Building on this success, POLAR Group further expanded its global footprint by establishing Polar Marine Service BV in 2021, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. This strategic move aimed to enhance customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive marine services across a broader geographical spectrum. With a strong foundation rooted in decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, POLAR Group continues to forge ahead, aiming to extend its reach from the North Sea to the Mediterranean and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea.

Our Fields

  • Marine Electronics Sales & Service
  • New Build / Retrofitted Projects Installation & Commissioning
  • Radio Survey Inspection and Certification with our approvals by IACS Members
  • Change of Flag, Reprogramming Operations
  • Annual System Maintenance, such as Gyro, Magnetic compass
  • Technical After Sales Support

Today, POLAR Group Companies are supplying in the maritime territories covering almost one third of the world with a wide scope of marine electronic equipment sales and repair, installation, maintenance, and survey services to all aspects of marine industry. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to clients worldwide thanks to our long history with high-quality marine equipment manufacturers and partners. It was our dream years ago to achieve today, and now we are dreaming of tomorrow, ever growing, and developing POLAR Group with the best possible solutions in marine electronics.