About Us

Polar Marine Group of Companies was founded in 1986 in Istanbul as a supply and service company for marine communication and navigation equipments. In the years to follow the company become one of the leading maritime electronics companies in Mediterranean and Black sea regions.

Today Polar group employs more than 100 people, offering fast and reliable service through a world-wide network of subsidiaries and branches along the international shipping routes.

Our History

Polar GROUP was born in 1986, in Istanbul /TURKEY as Polar Denizcilik ve Deniz Malzemeleri A.S.to be supplier and service agent of ship borne navigation and communication electronic equipments for shipping, fishing and yacht building industries. Fulfilling this basic target throughout years, Polar Denizcilik had become the leader marine electronics supplier in Turkish maritime territories by 2006, when the second POLAR Group Company, POLAR RUSSIA was established.

Having achieved the ropes to maximize customer satisfaction, POLAR Denizcilik had had a long way, enabling to transfer the know-how to the sister company in Russia and assisting this new born Company to reach the peak. The lessons learnt with the experience of a sister company and the ensuing success of a harmonious and well-organized work became a powerful trigger to form a family triangle to touch all the ports from Murmansk to Mediterranean and from Atlantic Ocean to Caspian Sea.